About Us

The Neurosurgery Executives’ Resource Value and Education Society – NERVES – was established in 2002 for the purpose of helping neurosurgery practice managers and administrators strengthen their practices. NERVES is the only national neurosurgery organization of its kind.

The Council of State Neurosurgical Societies (CSNS), the socio-economic arm of the AANS & CNS, established NERVES to encourage and facilitate networking, resource sharing, and resource gathering among practice managers and administrators*.

Our Mission
To connect neurosurgery executives to resources, education and data to enhance value for the business of neurosurgery.

Our Vision
To be the pre-eminent and most trusted resource for neurosurgical leaders.

Our Values
We promote supportive collaborations through sharing of knowledge, best practices and innovative solutions within a trusted neurosurgical network.

NERVES members routinely tap their colleagues’ expertise on specific practice management issues while gaining access to benchmarking opportunities, updates related to neurosurgical coding, regulatory changes, and reimbursement issues. Members serve on committees and share information about the latest advances in management practices, strategies, structures and models. The opportunity for social interaction and networking opportunities is an added bonus. 

The NERVES organization, which comprises more than 200 members, is led by a 15-person board, including two surgeons from the CSNS.  To ensure cross-fertilization of ideas, two members of NERVES also serve on the CSNS Executive Council.

Each year NERVES holds a national meeting and publishes its data-rich Socio-Economic Survey – both invaluable, neither to be missed!

Become a member

If you have any questions, please call 704-940-7386 or email [email protected]

*NERVES has established these guidelines for information sharing across multiple platforms, including the members’ only list serve.