NERVES Members-Only Webinar:
Leveraging Data to Improve Care, Increase Reimbursement, and Reduce Costs in Spine Surgery

Thursday, May 27, 2021 3pm - 4pm EST
This session is hosted by Avant-garde Health and the Spine and Neurosciences Institute at University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. Learn about how these organizations partnered together to unpack clinical, cost, and revenue variation to improve care. Hear about how they analyzed data, engaged physicians, and made changes to drive improvements. This session will touch on both the successful strategies and challenges in one organization’s journey towards value-based care.

Danny Yagoda, Vice President of Client Success is passionate about improving health care quality and brings a wealth of industry experience. Prior to joining Avant-garde Health, Danny served as Director for the Edward P. Lawrence Center for Quality and Safety at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he oversaw strategic and financial planning.


Ike Rosen, Client Success Advisor, is focused on partnering with our clients to ensure an optimal experience with Avant-garde Health's solutions. He is dedicated to assisting partner organizations in identifying areas of opportunity, and guiding them on their respective journeys to improved patient care and reduced costs.