November 2021 NERVES Education Committee

Committee Members: Antoine Curtis, Galyn Damiani, Kelly Hornbacher, Erika Martin, MJ Orellano (incoming chair), Alex Palleschi, Tariq Qureshi, Jim Shea, Stacey Snodgrass, Kathy Tobin (past chair), Melissa Klingberg (NERVES).


Hello NERVES membership.  This is my first update as the new chair of the education committee.  Melissa Klinberg and Kathy Tobin have done such a great job the transition to my new role has been easy as I follow the format Kathy and Melissa created. Why mess with success?

The Education Committee is responsible for creating educational opportunities for NERVES members throughout the year. The NERVES Education Committee continues to work hard as we respond to meet the educational needs of our members in this rapidly changing environment, where meeting face to face has been problematic.  The Education Committee chooses monthly webinars based on surveys sent to the membership as well as “hot topics” discussed on the NERVES listserv.  The Education Committee is always looking for new members.  We meet less than one hour per month and you have the option of moderating the monthly webinars.  If you want to get involved on a NERVES committee, we welcome your participation.  

 In 2021 the committee held 9 webinars with a total of 358 registered through September (October mini conference excluded) and 92 viewings post webinar via our recording option.  Our final topic for this calendar year was taken directly from our listserv as a “hot topic”.  On November 18, NERVES member Russell Starkey, MBA from Hackensack Meridian Health, Inc. will speak on EMU Quality. We are looking forward to Russell’s webinar.  We are fortunate to have multiple subject matter experts among us and wealth of talent in our membership. The Education Committee is very grateful when a member shares their expertise. Thank you Russell and other members who have participated this year.  There will be no webinar in December as holidays and vacations make for a very busy month.

We have plans for more great topics in 2022.  In January, we are tentative for “Optimizing Clinical Staff” and in February, The Coding Network will return to update us on “Top Coding Mistakes”.

In March our NERVES Members who have adjusted their compensation plan due to coding changes will speak on “Coding Changings and Compensation Impact”. That brings us up to the Annual Conference in April where we hope to see you in Philadelphia.

We love hearing from you. If you have other requests, please send them to any of the education committee members listed above.  If you would like to join the education committee, please send an email to [email protected]

Again, a special thank you to Melissa Klingberg who has spent countless hours organizing our webinar speakers, making sure our webinar speakers get their presentations prior to the webinars, managing technological challenges during the webinars, and sending information out after the webinars.  The Education Committee can’t thank you enough!

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