Single-Level PLIF/TLIF 2022 Performance Benchmark

By Avant-guard Health

The results of the 2022 Single-Level PLIF/TLIF Performance Benchmark are complete. The summary below is based on nation-wide stats from more than 800 procedures coded as DRG 455/460 for inpatient cases or CPT 22630/22632 for outpatient cases.

Single-Level PLIF/TLIF Table

The 2022 trend indicates total costs for Single-Level PLIF/TLIF procedures rose during the first half of the year, and most substantially by more than 35% for top-tier providers performing in the 90th percentile. For providers performing in the 50% percentile, total procedure costs remained elevated for the remainder of the year, while top-tier providers essentially returned to costs achieved at the beginning of the year.

Cost Benchmark Trend 2022 Table

From this analysis, and working with our customers, we learn that cost containment is possible with aggressive management but requires constant attention. We’ll continue to monitor this trend in 2023 to see if the cost for the top performers continues to decline while the cost for the average performers remains elevated and pinpoint what is driving the trends.

Porter Jones, MD
VP, Clinical Transformation
Avant-garde Health

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  • Personnel costs are standardized using TDABC (Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing), normalized to minimize the effects of regional cost of living variances.
  • Based on Medicare data (12-month rolling)


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